An Hospitality organisation is often said to only be as good as its people.

Hospitality Employees who spend a large portion of their day contributing towards the success of the Operations of the Hospitality Organization are its most crucial resources. Human Resource Management is essential for hiring, managing, training and retaining talented and high performing employees.

ASIA HOSPITALITY HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIAITON is committed to work with hospitality organisations to increase efficiency through better use of their human resources and enable these organizations to achieve its strategic and competitive advantages. Our TEAM are professional Hospitality HR practitioners with hands-on experiences and they are passionate in helping hospitality organizations to enhance their human resource capabilities.

Our program evolves through HR Policies, HR Skills, HR Best Practices Program and Employee Recognition and award system.

Our Services offered are across a wide range of HR areas on project or retainer basis focusing on:

  • Employee Handbook / Employment Contract
  • HR Policies & Procedures Compliance Review
  • Strategic Workforce Planning / Resource Management
  • Compensation & Benefits / Rewards & Recognition Management
  • Performance Management / Employee Coaching
  • Employee Engagement & Communication
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey / Organisational Climate Survey
  • Organisational Development / Change Management
  • Learning & Development Strategy and Implementation
  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning / Career Coaching & Development
  • Industrial Relations Management/ Employee Grievance Handling
  • Monthly Retainer Training Program